I want to take a moment and personally thank you for attending our Spring Swing Invite 2022.  It is amazing to see all the softball players, coaches, families, friends, and fans back here at the Superior Dome.  This event was an annual event until the last couple of years.  With the Covid-19 pandemic we have all been through a lot.  That includes all these young ladies you will see on these fields this weekend.  From a lost season to a season that wasn’t “normal”.  We all hope that the worst of it is behind us, and we can all find comfort in being at this event.


You are going to see some great softball this weekend!  I am not only referring to the games on the field but what I want your attention to be on is supporting these young ladies.  We, including the players, want to hear you all cheering loud for your teams and players.  This sport continues to grow by leaps and bounds and my hope is that you get to feel that over these 3 days.  Perhaps, you will learn to love this game as so many others have over the last decade.


If you are here from outside the area, I hope you enjoy Marquette.  Thank you for making the trip here and being a part of our softball event.  And thank you to all our great sponsors who have helped make this event possible.  Hopefully, from this year to next, we continue to build this into a premier event with even more teams.  It is a great way for all our teams and coaches to see their teams early in the season.  And soon, the snow will melt, the air will warm, and before you know it, we will be on the fields outside again.

I also want to send a special thank you to my family, softball family, and friends that have helped me put this event together. Without them you wouldn't see half of the things you see before your eyes here at the Superior Dome this weekend.  I'm incredibly grateful and fortunate for these great humans in my life.


Thank you for your support.




Kyle Johnson

Varsity Head Coach, Marquette Senior High School



Please remember to keep your eyes peeled for flying softballs as you walk, watch, and move around the Dome.

If you get a chance, please thank an umpire. They are a tremendous help to this event, AND offer their services at a fundraiser-friendly fee.

Thank you to our
Grand Slam Club
Corporate Sponsorship: